What we do

We create and deliver audio tools and technologies for interactive platforms that represent the leading edge of the industry. Using a direct licensing model tailored for teams, we provide these solutions directly to developers and creators, facilitating seamless integration and the ultimate in creative control.

After decades of experience working in-house at various studios and on game engine development, we know how to make audio tech sing, and we want to share that passion and knowledge with as many creators as possible.

Tools are only as powerful as the technique you wield them with. Everything we make is infused with our learnings and experiences from working on a plethora of audio tech intensive projects and platforms, ensuring that everything we make is easy to pick up and run with, allowing more time for creativity.

Simple concepts combined with smooth workflows make magic happen. We're eager to collaborate with teams who push the audio envelope and have big ideas for their sound.

Bespoke tools developed by the SweejTech team, a division of the Sweet Justice Sound Group.

Always expanding. Always improving.