Metasound Midi editor instrument.

Effortlessly use MIDI devices in the MetaSound editor, and build innovative graphs.

The SweejTech MetaSound MIDI plugin is a versatile solution that enables sound designers, musicians, and anyone working with Unreal Audio to use MIDI devices within the MetaSound editor. It features MetaSound interfaces for receiving MIDI events, such as keypresses, pitch bend, and control changes, which can be used to trigger events and parameters within your MetaSound. Users can customize their experience through adjustable settings, MIDI device management, and real-time MIDI monitoring, while also having access to console commands and example content to explore creative possibilities. Whether building synthesizers and samplers, or prototyping and debugging MetaSound graphs, this plugin provides an exciting playground for MIDI and MetaSounds enthusiasts alike.

    • Enables MIDI information to be received inside the MetaSound Editor (Preview mode only)
    • SweejTech.MIDI.Simple: Receives MIDI messages for NoteOn/NoteOff events, including note, velocity, and channel.
    • SweejTech.MIDI.Voices: : Tracks the state of multiple MIDI voices, including their active status, channel, note number, note on/off state, and velocity.
    • SweejTech.MIDI.ControlChange: : Receives Control Change MIDI messages
    • SweejTech.MIDI.PitchBend: : Receives Pitch Bend MIDI messages